Thursday, January 26, 2012

You go, Photojojo!

Can I just humbly request everything on the photojojo site for my birthday? (It's soon in case you're wondering. Okay, it's not that soon, but soon enough to remind you because you'll need to get your plane tickets. See you in Vegas?) It is like total catnip for the kind of dreamy-tech-nerd-girl that I (and a lot of you) am (are?)

A lot of you lovely readers ask me what kind of gear I use. Basically, I was lucky enough and had enough free time on my hands to get in sort of early on the whole instagram/picstitch deal. I saw early on that it was much much better than hipstamatic. I use a lot of iphone. I mean, I always have it. So...ya know. Additionally, I'd recommend the Canon s95 to people or if you want something a little more advanced, everything in the more advanced Canon lines are pretty stellar. But for those of you who want the functions to learn on, but a price more like the Canon s95, I will say, I love my Nikon d3100. Just beef up your lens with the Nikkor 35mm f1.8. You won't regret. 

Funny ha-ha, most of the things I really really want are out of stock at the moment. But they'll be back. Numero uno is this dreamy Diana Lens for just SIXTY BUCKS! I mean, just look at these pics taken by regular folks with the lens. I want it so bad! I just pop it on my Nikon and gooooo! 

But obviously, I'd rather not stop there. I think I'd also like to toss some of these bad boys in my virtual shopping cart. (Or yours, in case you haven't forgotten about that bday present thing.)

- Badass Fisheye/Telephoto/Wide Angle iphone lens set
- Rotating Holga Lens set for iphone
- Fuji Wide Instant Cam
- The photojojo book with cool ideas

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