Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 25 of Winter - 2012 Edition

Okay, I caved. Here's my Top 25 things of Winter for this year. It's probably more of a hypothetical wish list than last year. Eh. Oh well. There will be some rehashing of things I'm done individual posts about, but some things just needed to be on there in case you missed them the first time around. 

In no particular order:

1. Fleece-lined leggings and tights. I have 'em, I love 'em. They feel like cloud heaven for your legs.
2. Friedasophie Jewelry. So pretty. Her blog is worth a look too.  
3. Real Estate hunting. Who we kidding? I do this ALWAYS. But check the flat on Cross St. Drool. 
4. The constant awesomeness that is Anne Sage of The City Sage. Anne! Be my pal! 
5. The Tomboy Style Guide by decade. Surprise! I love the 90s one (minus the Docs) and the 60s one. 
6. London's Almeida Theatre. They're doing Bernarda Alba! Can I just please work here? Pretty. Please. 
7. Getting really seriously real with everyone I know. 'Nuff said. 
8. Growing out my (your) bangs/fringe. I may never totally love my forehead, but I had a mole removed and I'm just ready to stop fooling with styling. 
9. Everything from photojojo
10. Siri. Even though some features don't work in the UK, I'm still a fan. I always wanted an assistant. 
11. Scottish director John McKay's film, "We'll Take Manhattan."
12. Just the THOUGHT of rebuilding my own home collection. Am I allowed to say I miss my little one bedroom in Astoria?? I do. I miss it. I want my own house again. Or semblance of it. 
13. Homeland. I eagerly awaited every ep. I wish there were enough to get me through all winter. 
14. B Complex & Folic Acid supplement. I'm amazed at how much better I feel since I started taking. 
15. On that note, I sort of don't drink anymore. Rarely. And not much. Also, massive life improvement.
16. Cool Layla Grace offshoot, Zinc Door
17. LUSH Flying Fox shower gel. This ambery & warm for winter gel is the only thing I love from this co. 
18. Pinterest. I was an early adopter & I'm pumped to see so many fun faces joining every day!
19. Ingrid Michaelson's new album, Human Again. I wasn't sold from the first single. But I am now!!
20. What I haven't given up is coffee. This makes it and keeps it warm. 
21. Learning to be a better cook. I was responsible for my 1st T'Giving Dinner this year. Just google. Just do it. It will all work out. 
22. The paintings of Sarah Ashley Longshore
23. All those online Magazines. Rue. Matchbook. Covet Garden. The ad format is kickass & effective because if you like the product, you click it and it goes to their website. I am a fan. 
24. Volvic Touch of Strawberry Water. Don't judge me. I get dehydrated easily and sometimes, I need an incentive. I gave up booze. What do you want from me?
25. Getting really real with myself. I'm a city person. Definitively. Like, BIG city. Announcement forthcoming. 

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