Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Reels Party for the Books

Some events are fun and some are sort of historic. It's hard to say what exactly made the reels ball at Moncrieffe House so much fun, but it really really was. I'm sure the company (which was first rate [and furthermore, if my name included the phrase "of that Ilk" I'd throw a party every day]) had lots to do with it, as well as the generous sections of dances I'm more comfortable with-- tangos and waltzes, etc. 

But I think more than anything, just the freedom to be my silly self in all of them, including the reels-- which I'll say I'm better at, but miles away from good at-- is the main reason January 2, 2012 will go down as one for the fun annals. 

Even getting lost on the way to Moncrieffe House from Broich was fun and once we arrived, we realized we weren't late at all. We were just in time to dance the Dashing White Sergeant (easy, thus, my favorite) and then sit down to eat. It was sort of picnic style, so Gordon's Grandma had wrapped up some pheasants for us. (Dude, turns out, pheasants are awesome. Sign me up!) Obviously, Gordon brought champagne. (My key character detail of Gordon is that he brings champagne wherever he goes. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but a good one, I think.) 

I waltzed with Gordon, and silly-tangoed with Sophie and Finley. And Susie and I had as much fun sitting out a few and posing with the animals. We closed the place down. And when we got back to Broich, we sat around the study filled with books (including the Japanese translation of Rory's The Places in Between, which I had had just enough champagne to attempt to read in Japanese) and drank sherry with the lion-like Ming-Ming the cat. 

I'm both a nostalgic and an impatient person. I am most often looking to the past or to the future. And then there are these rare, wonderful pockets of time where the present-- my present-- is the absolute only place I'd ever want to be. 

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  1. and we all want to be there with you---the story and the pictures say it all. love the ilk in the name and did I have a clue you knew how to Tango, that would be a no. you continue to inspire, amaze, and make vicarious living something worth living for. Big love.


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