Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tale of 2 Biopics- the More Jeff Buckley, the Merrier

One day in Arizona at a forensics tournament, when I was a young lass of 15, my friend Trevor Banks decided to change my life, and made me listen to Jeff Buckley. This was way before his big resurgence in the aughts and was in fact, right after he'd died. 

It synced up, in fact, with one of my old school mentors Duncan Sheik releasing his tribute song, "A Body Goes Down" on one of the seminal albums of my life, Humming

From then until his entry into the more popular consciousness, Jeff Buckley was a litmus test-- how many people could tell if someone was 'with it' or not. 

We have not one but potentially two Jeff Buckley biopics to look forward to in the coming months. Well, if the second-- official-- one actually gets made. First up is the one that uses little to no Jeff Buckley music, but looks pretty good despite that fact-- and despite what is, in my opinion, a rather unfortunate title: Greetings from Tim Buckley

But it looks like both the films will have unfortunate titles, as the 'officially sanctioned' one, with the music, will be called Mystery White Boy... or, just Boy. If it happens at all. There's dramz over on the set of that one too, as it's been reported that the movie has been "bogarted away" from its original director. It was supposed to film this summer, but that never happened and has a new director?

Penn Badgely seems to be drawing a lot of praise for his performance in 'Greetings'. I buy it. But man, Reeve Carney looks JUST like Jeff. So I hope they can get their shit together. Because word on the street is Reeve Carney may be out of the pic. That would be a shame shame shame. As far as I'm concerned, the more JB biopics the merrier. 

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