Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank Ocean & John Mayer - My New Favorite Odd Couple

My new favorite random-ass celebrity friendship is Frank Ocean and John Mayer. I mean, John did some sweet guitar work on Channel Orange, but lately, they seem to be inseparable. Frank just announces last minute that John will be joining him on SNL and then most of each song, John just stands there watching Frank sing it until it's his turn for a solo. Then, while John's playing, Frank goes to one of the several Pac Man machines and just starts playing video games, framed beautifully in profile against John playing guitar... it was wild. I love it. 

I'm glad John found something productive and not-too-talky to do while he's on hiatus from singing. (And consequently, saying fewer ridiculous statements in public.) Either way, I'm sort of rooting for this friendship. I sometimes wonder if John remembers me. (I'm guessing not.) And I want to be friends with Frank Ocean anyway, so I'd sort of like to be a fly on the wall when these two go out. Do you think John tries to wingman for Frank with hot guys? Probably not. More likely, I'd guess, Frank is helping John with the ladies. 

Check out the amazing vid for the full length version (featuring an extended, new guitar solo from JM) of Pyramids. Also check out the live versions from the SNL premiere I was mentioning. 

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