Sunday, September 30, 2012

Experiencing the Magical Moment of a Brit's First Taco

When people used to ask me what I missed most about the US, I would answer very quickly-- all that is ghetto fabulous and Mexican Food. Tom Smith had never. had. a. taco. Obviously, we set out IMMEDIATELY to fix this. Like, basically the first thing we did off the plane. 

McC took us to what is "in her opinion" the best taco truck in LA. It was in fact pretty darn good. Tom did not like the horchata. He did like the tacos. And the fact that in America, we put a TV anywhere we can. Even on the front of a taco truck in Silver Lake. And he noted, as I often note, that the taco is the perfect unit of measurement for food. How hungry are you? One taco hungry. No, I'm starving. Three tacos hungry. 

Never had a taco... I mean... But I suppose, in his defense, he has never been to the US (or Mexico) before. What other new things can we expose these Brits to?

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