Monday, September 10, 2012

The Trip

McC here! Popping by while Miss Ferguson is off the grid in the deep South. She'll be back soon, kids!

In the meantime, a tiny random musing from me. I'm in the habit of sending Ryann a near constant barrage of links, and if she were online today, I would send her this scene from The Trip. This film brings back fond memories of our travels around Scotland, and our unique ability to keep each other wildly entertained at all times. The endless nonsense we can spout at each other is unparalleled, and if you don't have a friend who can find cause to make you laugh in the midst of a total emotional breakdown at the Edinburgh airport after two cancelled flights, you should find one. RIGHT!? I can't wait to have Miss Ferguson in Los Angeles to battle the Edinburgh airports of life together xoxox

So in honor of road trips through the South (and our shared love of costume dramas and all things British), I humbly present to you - Coogan & Brydon: WE RISE!

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