Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding Neverland & Be My Boyfriend, Julian Ovenden

One of the shows I'm sad to be missing now that I'm no longer in the UK is the world premiere of Finding Neverland. I think it's super right for musical adaptation and it sounds like they've got the right team (Ashford, Korie & Frankel. Woot, woot Grey Gardens: A show I have never ever been able to shake from my thoughts.) and the right cast. (Julian Ovenden is the hottest. The. hottest. Ever.) The show is having a regional tryout at Leicester's Curve prior to a West End run beginning September 22. I'm hoping it will eventually make its way over here. 

I will say, however, this video with the faux green screen backdrops didn't do much for me. Also, I'm not loving Julian's sound on this stuff. I prefer him here. Perhaps that's just because this is one of the best songs ever written. (What's with those wonky orchestrations at the end there, though, Proms?) What do you think of this trailer? And Julian? Sigh. 

Okay, so he's married (to opera star Kate Royal) and can't be my boyfriend. Still.

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