Monday, September 24, 2012

New York Gems - Bash & Bow

My gypsy status in New York often makes it easier to appreciate the little things I stumble on every day. There's more excuse to walk slowly; I've got nowhere specific to be. And I bounce from neighborhood to neighborhood sampling a bit of everything. 

While staying with Aly over in Grammercy, I was totally drawn to a genius chalkboard outside one of the many boutique shops that sells a little of this, a little of that bespoke accessories. These shops are almost always cute and almost always super expensive. Over the years, I've developed a habit of never going in them. I feel awkward and bad getting the lone shop girl's hopes up when, most likely, I will choose not to buy the $9 birthday card. You can't sneak in and out to browse undetected in spaces so cozy. 

But this board alerted me that the beautiful necklace in the window (that yes, I had been eyeing) was only $25 bucks. I decided to go into Bash & Bow as much for marketing reasons as the peach quartz & gold cuff that I really really wanted. 

Once inside, I wanted everything. Leema, the owner, was so friendly and I couldn't resist complimenting her for curating a space with so many wonderful, affordable pieces. I was also understandably drawn to her story (leaving the big corporate world to apply those skills to something more personal, with more freedom and more joy) and also her commitment to finding great pieces we can afford to buy. 

I left with some gifts for the kind friends here and there who've helped me so much with my re-entry into American life. 

Check it out:
Bash & Bow
210 East 21st Street 

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