Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend in the Dust - David Byrne & How Music Works

To thank Steven for graciously allowing me to stay on the air-mattress in his living room for about a month now, I got him the new book by David Byrne How Music Works. It's a pretty in depth breakdown of almost every aspect of music. I've only skimmed it as of yet-- I mean, it is a gift for Steven, not for me, but I've been super fascinated. 

Byrne also has a new album out with the awesome, gorgeous, Texan, former Sufjan Stevens bandmate, St Vincent. It's called Love This Giant. Pretty much everyone is salivating over it and it's easy to see why. You can't help but pay attention-- Byrne's vocals, always, I mean.... all those honking saxes and horns... they even manage to pull off looping a vocal hook over and over again-- something that normally starts to give me PTSD.  I'm especially digging the smooth way the vocals get handed off from Byrne to St Vincent and back to Byrne on "Who." It is one smooth gear shift and I vote yes. 

Two tracks are available to listen to on youtube and such now. And the whole thing is out Tuesday. OR, NPR kicking ass again, here's the whole album

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