Sunday, September 2, 2012

Professional Boat Cruise Taker

You can trip and fall into a magical New York evening. In a way that almost never happened in London, there's always some unexpected place the night will take you. On Thursday, I know I mentioned we went on a boat cruise with Dion and Tyler. (I'm sort of feeling like a professional boat cruise taker these days.) We wore captains hats (Tyler gave his to a kid from Kosovo who got made to stay late at work and missed the boat) and traded glasses and got into trouble back on land later with some liberal pours at Pizza Pub, and most memorably, Tyler stopped the concert to reflect on Lady Liberty as we passed. 

And then he sang this. I think he should release it as a single. I'm just going to keep bugging him to do that once I'm in LA. What do you think? 

PS- Happy 30th Birthday to my protege--hahaha-- Brandon Blackwell. Love you, dude. 

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