Friday, September 7, 2012

Everything Is Ok Links

Well, if it's not now, it's going to be. Right? I'm off today for the Southland. South Carolina, Georgia & North Carolina. I wish I could tell you I was going for purely happy reasons. Some of the reasons are happy, but mostly, I'm going to see my Grandmother, who is ill. Please send your good thoughts to her. She's pretty much my last link to positive myth-making about my childhood and I love her very much. 

- Ralfalca Romney might be the 'dark horse' challenger to Kim Kierkegaardashian as my fave twitter. 
- More Rafalca
- The Revolt of the Rich from the American Conservative
- In case you were under a rock and missed MOBAMA. Ooh, she's classy. I love her. 
- The dream of the 90s is alive in Charlotte. Thank YOU, Big Dog Clinton
- Gorgeous Light of Scotland's Isle of Harris
- Finally the official trailer for Downton - 2 weeks!
- Tobey Maguire cut from Life of Pi, replaced with Brit Rafe Spall. Hm.
- Broadway's Emerging 25 under 35. (Hint: We're not on it)
- Procrastinators are perfectionists. I agree. 
- Novelists fight internet addiction. Yes. 
- DFW's childhood writings
- Still want to be friends with Claire Vaye Watkins
- Everyone is all about being from Nevada these days. Everything is Battleborn. Don't. I. Know. It. From Claire Vaye Watkins to The Killers. Battle Born. 

- Speaking of album releases, also out soon-- next week!-- The xx, Coexist. Here's the first single:

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