Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Week Freaks Me Out Friday Links

Fashion week makes me uncomfortable. I sort of always feel out of place. Maybe it's how serious everyone seems to take themselves. Maybe it's just all the tall people.  I find myself more interested in what the spectators are doing (one guy pulled out a big sketch pad and started drawing the photographers) than the clothes. I think most everything looks like a home ec project.  I absolutely love going to events in support of my friends though. I've had a good time checking out the various up and comers in crazy venues with even crazier formats. Yoga poses! Russian dolls! I've also enjoyed a free products and the time spent with my pals. Here are your links. 

- Check out my friend Bob's awesome new Manufacture New York project. 
- My friend Sarah has kept me company during shows. Here's her blog
- It's been a while since I paid attention to the Fug Girls. Let's revisit them. 
- Mugshot doppelganger
- This
- And in keeping with fashion, here's a new fave website of mine: Recycled Period Costumes 

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