Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 10 Things I'll miss about Edinburgh

After a year of writing and soul searching, it's the end of the road for Edinburgh and me. At least for now. While I won't miss the bullying wind or sunsets at 2:30 PM, there's lots that I will miss about the Athens of the North. 

10. Looking out my window at a film set. The beautiful St Stephen's Church
9. Spying on other people's weddings at St Vincent's Church
8. Walks along Water of Leith
7. Rock concert sing outs after hours at the Wally Dug with Taylor
6. Crossing the street to hang out with Zaza for wine & art & Horatio Hornblower
5. Artisan Roast's house blend beans
4. Access to New Town's beautiful private gardens
3. Glowing evenings at Calton Hill with friends
2. Black Isle Blonde and the entire food menu at Iglu
1. Arguably the most dependable set of friends I've ever had. Who ARE you people, and why are you so so good to this small, spunky American?


  1. It's because you're so good to us! xoxox

  2. Great post Thanks for sharing


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