Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Friday in Edinburgh Links

An eventful week comes to a close and I'm surrounded by boxes and trash bags full of my stuff. I'm kind of in denial about everything I still have to do before I leave, especially when I'd just to chill out and enjoy. 

It wasn't just my blog's birthday this week, it also would have been the most wonderful David Foster Wallace's birthday. I wish he were still with us, but there's lots to celebrate right now. Here are some links for my last Friday as an Edinburgh resident. I'll miss you Auld Reekie!

- But I'll miss you less if I live in a flat converted from Alfred Hitchcock's old movie studio. No seriously.
- Then again, if we want to kind of go overboard, what if I lived here? (first one: practical. this one: not.)
- 46 things to read/see in celebration of DFW's 50th Birthday
- DFW's letter to Don DeLillo
- This, THIS is exciting!
- What a beautiful video! The Optimist
- I miss old Molly Lambert. This comes close. 
- You mean my insomnia might be good for me?
- A fun way to appreciate facebook's "new" timeline feature
Paul Rudd on the Daily Show. You would throw candy into the audience, you doll... and you love Bottlecaps...just like me.... I lovehimIlovehimIlovehim. 

- My love of TED talks is no secret. Here is my boss-mentor giving this awesome TEDxBroadway talk

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