Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday Night Live Lovin' Friday Links

Next week, I'll launch my annual Valentine's Day Crush list, but for now, I'm rolling you into this weekend and looking back over the productive week that was. Good times. Things are happening. I move in less than three weeks. Holy Mutha. Take me to the links. 

- Um...THIS. Tigs in a hula skirt with her tongue out? Too much.
- These water color mirrors from Petite Friture are gorgeous.
- Funny...and true
- Rasputin was my neighbor?
- Ugh. 
- Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Recipe. Yum. 
- Grub Street NY picks your Valentine's Day Cocktails
- Some interesting thoughts on the current state of Liz Lemon
- I LOVE seeing my friend's book everywhere. You should buy it.
A new Domino Issue/Book! Though I really wish they'd stop taunting us with headlines like "Domino is back! Sort of." I don't like reliving that pain of Fall '08 when we learned the mag was going under.
- And finally, I just really miss SNL. Here's the Downton Abbey as if it were on Spike TV Sketch. (Scroll down)
(Since I'm at it, if you'e never seen the PlasticVille Sketch, you must watch it now.)
- Actually, ACTUALLY, there is an entire website devoted to JT on SNL. Worthy.

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