Monday, February 6, 2012

Four Days of Fabulous February

Back from snowy London-- my body is a little worse for wear after taking several spills on slippery hills in Hampstead, but my spirits are soaring. It's awesome when you can start to see your new life taking shape and on each of my scouting expeditions so far, I feel like I can see it more and more. Look at this beautiful city! For every disappointment, there's another friend or chance waiting as a reminder of how awesome it feels to make decisions are be true to yourself. 

From Hampstead Heath to Southbank, and even in crappy eastjet Hotels in Earls Court, there's something to love in every neighborhood. Even Edinburgh is a bit brighter today. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend fab. I'm going back to resting my bruised left side and prepping for the next big adventure. 

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