Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just Shoot Me (Peter)

Nothing makes me happier than stories of people who taught themselves how to do something and turns out, they're ridiculously good at it. One such story is that of Pete-- amazing musician and participant in the greatest subway-friending-story of all time. (A modified version of this incident recently made it into my novel, FYI, Pete & Suz.) 

Pete got himself a bitchin' Canon and taught himself how to be awesome. He's who taught me all about HDR Pro and how to use my own camera, for that matter. He also took some seriously cool photos of my show husband, Steven. (I mean just LOOK at the one above with Steven playing the piano with his eyes closed. I die.)

I know all us Showbiz folks have about a million options for truly first-rate photography, but I really think Pete is doing something a little different than most folks. 

Now he's having a shoot special, so listen up, NYC'ers. A four-hour location shoot and editing for just $300. Hit him up at or 661-904-2552. He's the bestest. He'll make you laugh. And, in fact, tell him I told you to tell him to sing you a song. Serenaded and Shot-- talk about pampering. 

Luckily for me, I'm hoping to catch him in a European locale. So Euro-friends, if you need some pics, you let me know and I'll pass it along for when he's in Germany and hopefully the UK too! I'm off to London this morning. Check ya' later!

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  1. This is awesome. My wife and I had to say goodbye to our good friends Pete and Suzie as they both took their careers to NYC from Cali. Seeing stuff like this makes me so happy for the both of them. And I'm not sure how the hell Pete is soooo good at literally EVERYTHING. As one friend of theirs to another, thanks for taking the time to tell them how great they are. Can't wait till Mr Pete goes global with Towsley. :)


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