Friday, February 17, 2012

Crush-Worthy Links

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I'm busy packing and painting and writing. So much to do before London and so little time! Funny how, not even that long ago, the amount of time I had to wait to move seemed interminable. Now I feel the rush to get it all done in time. I suppose it's the same old story: too much/not enough. I know I'm going to start off right in my new home city though: I have bunches of NYC friends visiting the first two weeks I'm there. Easy that transition right along. Now, we'll transition to the links. 

This week, I talked a lot about new crushes or some hotties you may not have known about. Today, I remind you of the mainstays. Enjoy.

- My #1 man in the world, Paul Rudd, attempts to talk dirty in new movie Wanderlust. 
- Speaking of which, remember that time in Miami when Jennifer Aniston hit on my boyfriend WHILE wishing me a happy birthday? Yeah, that was funny. 
- Happy V-Day from the Gos.
- The #1 sexiest man in the universe... does...anything. That's newsworthy. 
- Let's not forget Fassby though. You check out here & my review of Shame here. Also this. (McC!)
- Writers! Some of my faves respond to John Barth in Granta

And more things to give you a toothache:
-Those adorable children from PS22 singing Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know."
- If you don't know Wanderlust Europe. You really should. It will make you want to sell your life and be a vagabond. 

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