Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Music - Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself

With all its talk of the Highlands and rambling feel, Andrew Bird's latest album Break It Yourself might just be my favorite of his yet. I like albums that are equally good at being ambient background music as they are active listening music and this one fits the bill perfectly-- both vibrant & mellow. 

Bird is both a virtuoso violin player and an expert namer of albums. Armchair Apocrypha. Noble Beast. & the Mysterious Production of Eggs. 

On his latest, I'm a big fan of "Give it Away" and "Lazy Projector" most especially. But for real, they're all good. Perhaps because his first instrument is the violin, his particular brand of chamber pop is exactly what I'm looking for these days. A big fresh river of sound leading me to the next place and the next adventure. 

"If you see something beautiful, give it away." Couldn't agree more, Andrew. And so you can preview the whole album for yourself here thanks to NPR and then buy on March 6. 

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