Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome to flat #10

My view
I always wanted a red door

I woke up this morning in my sun-filled new bedroom after a long day of traveling. It feels nice to be planning a room for myself again and think about all the things I will write here this Summer. (Well, what of Summer I am actually here with all my travel plans.)

Oddly, moving into this new place makes me think of New York. Of moving into the three apartments I lived in there. How each move opened something up-- new neighborhoods and friends and ways I thought about myself. Cementing my own aesthetic even as I kept moving.

I'm a pretty serious and constant "Choice-maker." I make a lot of decisions. So I'm pretty much always weighing the cost of those decisions.  Trying not to dwell too much on those costs is the only way to stay sane. Because I'm basically feeling like I'm going to be happy no matter where I am at this beautiful stage. Stay tuned for more adventures from flat #10. 

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Undecorated bedroom
My Street


  1. Great kitchen cabinets, great kitchen sink,great kitchen faucet, great flooring in the kitchen. Good bed in bedroom, throw away that bedside lamp and the bedspread. That room needs Ryannizing. The skylight is AMAZING!

  2. hahha- Oh, trust me, it will be Ryann-ized. All my stuff from St Andrews (including love letter bedding) are on their way here at some point. My main thing is I can't decide whether to do a fresh coat of white in the room (it's the first room I've lived in where all the light really suits white) or do some other light reflecting color.... thoughts??

  3. 39-41 George Street opening soon? I love the white, it suits the room. You could do a 50/50 of white and another color on the ceiling to cut some of the light if you wanted to.

  4. Is this where I will be staying with you in June!? It's gorgeous!!!

  5. Wow. I am in Los Angeles and planning a move to Edinburgh next year and this would be my DREAM flat! It looks amazing! Congrats on the new place and all the new experiences that come with moving. And thank you for a lovely blog, I've enjoyed reading your posts for some time now (and we just might have the same name... are you a 'Ryan' or a 'Rye- anne'? I am the latter ;)

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  7. Aly- Yes it is!! I can't wait until you are here! Just over a month now. Woohoo!!

    Rianne- That's so exciting about your move! Please let me know if I can ever help or if you have questions about anything move-related! Stockbridge is a great area to live in. I'm right on the border between new town and Stockbridge. I always compare it to the Villages of New York.
    Thanks for reading! I love LA, I love Scotland! And I pronounce my name just like the boy name, but I often answer to Rye-anne, since I have been called that on many occasions. :)

  8. Thanks Ryann for the offer. I just might ask you a thing or two once we get closer to the planning stage! It is very exciting but there is so much I don't know about finding a place and getting settled in. I visited Edinburgh once and I fell in love with the city, and the rest of the Scottish places I visited. I am most worried about the extreme weather adjustment but even that hasn't dampened the excitement! (And I answer to 'Ryan' more often than my own pronunciation, everyone, even my dad calls me that sometimes ;)


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