Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Mother's Day

It's no secret I don't have the funnest time on Mother's Day. But I have been mothered by a whole lot of surrogate moms who completely rock my world. And first and foremost of those is a little special somebody known as the Adi-Mommy.

My best friend's family is sort of one of those package deals. You don't just get a best friend-- you get a whole set of siblings and uncles and dads and the most rocking super mom I have ever witnessed handle a big-time business and a huge blended family.

I think about her and me and everyone in the room when Emily herself became a mom-- probably the greatest moment of my life so far. And when I think about major life events and having a mom there to give me advice, or feel a woman's presence, it somehow doesn't seem like a slight because I know that Adi-Mommy will be there. 

Happy Mother's Day-- to her, to all the amazing surrogates who have acted as mothers to me throughout my life, and to all my beautiful friends who are mothers. 

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