Friday, May 13, 2011

Broadway's Elphaba sings Villain's Girl

Sorry this post is so late. Thanks for being down all day, blogger! (And for deleting things!) I was rather busy today anyhow, packing to move stuff to Edinburgh and turning in my last short story of the semester. The last thing I'll turn in before my dissertation.  But I have exciting news!

New Yorkers can hear our fan fave, The Villain's Girl at York Theatre's NEO 7 Concert. That's New/Emerging/Outstanding at the wonderful York Theatre uptown THIS Monday at 7:30PM! Here is all the info below. Annoyingly, they did not put my name on the poster... sigh... but it is on the program, so I guess that's good. 

If you're in NYC, check it out. I mean, it's Elphaba, singing VOTE! Clearly, we're on a mission to get everyone who's ever been in Wicked to sing songs from VOTE! ha ha. Happy Friday!

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