Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Nibbles

I'm sitting here in my new kitchen, listening to BBC Radio, nibbling some oat cakes and drinking my house-brew homemade coffee from Artisan Roast. I keep trying to go back to St Andrews, but there's always a good reason to be in Edinburgh (it's definitely not the weather). Today, I really will go back, but only to return again the next day with another big suitcase. In the meantime, here's all the other stuff I'm snacking on....

Heard this Bon Iver interview and new single yesterday on BBC Radio 1. 

I keep thinking about this essay Jonathan Franzen wrote in the New Yorker about isolation, re-visiting Robinson Crusoe, rare bird watching on Masafuera island, and most importantly, his friend David Foster Wallace. It's a whopping 28 pages, so you have to be committed. If you don't have a subscription, let me know you're serious, and I'll send you a copy. 

Speaking of DFW, here's a thing about his obsession with grammar. Oh, grammar. 

Poets are supposed to be rebels. J-Stew, your logic is impeccable, always. "Selective Outrage Machine." Amazing

Thanks, NPR, for explaining why things are annoying! (And they wanted to cut off your funding....)

If I weren't a writer, maybe it would be fun to be a font designer. I like this site for fun fonts.

More bedding I'm lusting after. Stop it. Stop it, Ryann. 

The pleated front thing that's happening right now is sort of delightful to me in an aesthetic sense, (sort of makes me think of nerd girls and people who work on newspapers-- hey, that's me!) but less delightful because of how I'm built. I'm short (duh) with narrow hips, wide waist and a big rib cage, so most of those high-waisted things just don't look good on me. There's exactly one style of them that look right on me. I have a pair of khakis from H & M that do the trick. But look at these cute jeans! 

I had to break down and order a monogram mug online. I just couldn't wait until the Anthro opened here... I got the F mug though instead of R. It was cuter. 

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  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    I'm LOVING the Franzen piece in the New Yorker... working my way through it slowly but surely...

    love you, miss you!


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