Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheer up, it's Friday!

Today is my last full day in St Andrews. Tomorrow, I'll go to live full time in Edinburgh. Over time, I've gotten even worse at goodbyes than I was when I was younger. So bad, that now, I tend to just opt out of them. I just pretend like I'll see people often and make my way to the next thing. 

Sometimes, I'm even tempted to just Irish goodbye it. Because I just don't want to acknowledge it. 

But cheer up. There's always a new adventure, no matter where I go. And I always land on my feet. In fact, already have. Let's celebrate Friday with these fun things that happened this week.

Though, I really think Steven & I should be writing the Alice in Wonderland musical, if it couldn't be us, I'll gladly take my pals Duncan and Steven


  1. Whew lawdy Mr. Scott scruffy man....I will be waiting on you beyond the hills of your longing.

  2. yeah, he's pretty hot.

  3. Tigerlillyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  4. Ask and you shall receive, Sara. xoxoxo


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