Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lighthouse

One of the great joys in life is finding people who share your passions and ambitions. Especially when it comes to artistic endeavors, I just love knowing other people who don't make excuses and just go out and carve out a space for themselves in the world. Those are my favorite people. 

Yesterday, after our last poetry seminar (about Poetry & the Spirit-- more on that later) we went out for drinks with D. Pats, our esteemed and genuinely hilarious professor. My pal (and new neighbor!!) Sarah and I were talking about starting some arts consulting pre-festivals. I was so excited to start work on a consulting project. Sometimes, it's easy to think of yourself as low on the food chain. Then I think about how much I've learned in the last ten years and how much advice on starting shows I give away for free. 

Of course, I'll always give advice away for free to my friends. But think of all those people out there with ambition and no resources. No idea even where to begin. So we're going to be there for those folks. Consider this your pre-announcement. And once Sarah and I figure out the deets, I'll announce more. If you know of anyone planning anything in any of the Edinburgh festivals, check back. Because for a (very small) fee, you can have all the stuff rattling around our brains. 

Sarah's already done it successfully with her LOVELY company and website for children's literature consulting/editing, The Lighthouse. Sarah and her business partner have a pretty amazing track record and background. I know a couple of you out there are aspiring children's and YA authors (including me!) so I thought you'd appreciate knowing about them! 

I think it's just great. I can remember sometimes where I just wanted someone who knew what they were doing to guide me. And I can think of no sweeter, more knowledgeable, smiley lady to guide anyone than Ms. Sarah Stewart. Check them out on their website, and facebook too


  1. I would LOVE to talk to your friend about childrens literature consulting! Is she based in the US or the UK? Gill

    ps. loved this post!

  2. Gill- You should definitely get in touch with Sarah Stewart! She's based in Edinburgh and she's also a St Andrews postgrad-- studying poetry with DPats! She's delightful!! Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks! xo


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