Tuesday, May 24, 2011

move dust through the light to find your name

I can't stop listening to Perth from the leaked Bon Iver album. I've preordered the real deal, so I don't feel too bad about listening to it now. Plus, I'm in love. At least with this song. It's one of those great moments where in some ways I have no idea what the song means, and in others, I know exactly. 

Because what it means... is the exact feeling you have when you're in a place or with a specific person.  These may or may not even be the real lyrics. He's probably definitely not talking about Perth in Scotland. And somehow, it doesn't matter. Because this song is already about a specific feeling to me. 

Iʼm tearing up, across your face
move dust through the light
To find your name
It's only faint
This is not a place
Not yet awake, I'm raised to make
Still alive for you, love
Still alive for you, love
Still alive for you, love

In a matter of a month
From forests, for the soft
Gotta know been lead aloft
So rid of all your stories
What I know, what it is, is boring – wire it up
Now breaking new ground

It's obviously not technically out yet, but here is a kid doing a stripped down cover of at least the front half/guitar melody part (back half is drums) if you want to check it out. Also this. 

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