Monday, May 9, 2011

A walk in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

Every day, I say I am going back to St Andrews, and then the lure of something fun with friends keeps me in Edinburgh another day. Yesterday, it was Zaza and The Vicar of Dibley, more furniture assembly, and a beautiful walk in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. 

The day couldn't decide what it wanted to be until well after lunch time yesterday. Raining, beautiful and Sunny, raining again. But it finally decided on sunny and so we headed out for some great fun exploring the Botanical Gardens and surrounding neighborhoods-- and having a city girl like me learn about new nature-y kinds of things-- like Monkey Puzzle ;) 

We got to the rock garden and the tribute to the Queen Mum. There was the most adorable red-headed little girl frolicking in the labyrinth hedges. You know how I love me some red-headed children.  

And a big Happy Birthday to the magnificent Steven T. Jamail. He makes my whole life (And everyone who hears his music!) better. I just love him! Okay, I really am going back to St Andrews today... as soon as this rain lets up. 

shell-covered walls in the memorial to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

pom-pom flower
red-headed, frolicking child. adorable.

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