Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scottish Beach Party!

Though it's far too cold to actually don a bathing suit, this past weekend, we had a little beach barbecue just outside Edinburgh at Tyninghame. We brought a miniature, disposable, fairtrade barbecue in a box (did you know they make those?) to cook sausages and roast marshmallows. And of course, I continued my education about things that actually live in nature. 

We drank cider, but wished we'd brought a bottle opener (or ANY utensils, for that matter) when we hurt ourselves trying to get the things open. Charlie, one of Scotland's leading environmentalists, may have gone for a long run in his boxers and crashed a wedding up the beach (or maybe he just ran around the other side of the rock and sat down for a bit.) The highlight of the day was our spontaneous gymnastics competition. I won points for my cartwheels and round offs. 

But the main event was clearly the family showdown between Torcuil & Iona in the most challenging of all feats: the headstand. There was some debate about who actually did the better headstand, and to be honest, I still can't decide. 

So I put it up to you, dear readers. Who had the better headstand? I can see a few things-- I mean,  Torcuil's overall posture is straighter, but he clearly hasn't learned to point those toes or keep his legs straight. He is, however, 6 feet tall. Iona has great point, but is bent at the hips. What do you think?

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  1. Definitely Iona, Torcuil's upside down plie is impressive but Iona's posture is the best


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