Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivation on Monday

Dena made this is awesome idea board for my room on Olio Board. It's keeping me motivated while I schlep suitcases and heavy things all over this windy city. Today, I went out in a leather jacket and a winter coat and scarf and was still cold. Sigh.

I'll be excited to get everything in there and feel settled. Getting the room painted was a milestone though. Parma Grey turned out to be a much more straightforward blue than I had hoped for... I was hoping for some dimensions. But it is still a pretty color and I especially like the look of my new vintage Lothian map against it.

Even more, I can't wait for these heavenly sheets (you know how I feel about sheets!) and the curtains. Bad news about Edinburgh... anything that gets delivered to my flat when I'm not here goes to a Post Office that is a 40 minute (!!) walk away from here. Seriously? Makes me wish I could drive an adorable little Figaro like this one. I suppose I'd need to get my driver's license back to do that....


  1. Where are those gorgeous striped sheets from?

  2. They are from Dorothy Draper via Dwell Studio:

    love to you!

  3. Thanks, my dear! Have an amazing trip with Aly and Erin!! How could you not??


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