Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neighborhood Tour- Circus Lane

This afternoon, I'm off to Bamff for a concert of the lovely Sophie. I love road trips and I love Bamff. Torcuil is even helping me get some of my heavier belongings to Edinburgh in his car. Why do I have so much stuff?? Having so much stuff is part of why I had Emily mail my birthday package to Edinburgh instead of Deans Court. 

But when that care package was delivered while I was away from my flat, they sent it to "my local post office" which it turns out was about a 45 minute walk away. I took it as an opportunity to actually explore the rest of my neighborhood and Edinburgh as a whole. Here's what I saw as I walked through Circus Lane, an adorable street that my bedroom window looksout onto, and one I'd been meaning to check out for a while. 

It will be part of my intro to Stockbridge that I'll be giving you over the next few weeks. Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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