Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shakespeare & Company

My dear pal Rob has already been traveling for over a month and still has almost a month left, so he was in desperate need of some new books. I never pass up a trip to any book store, let alone famous Paris English language bookshop, Shakespeare & Company

Rob came out with a fat stack (including the super fat Freedom. I tried to get a DFW for him, but thought, really, he should start with the essays) and I came out with a new writing journal. 

The history of the place is pretty great. An American expat who didn't really want to go back, rents a room, the room gets over run with books from his studies at the Sorbonne. He starts using his room informally as a bookstore until renting out an apartment in 1951 across from the Notre Dame. The place has been pretty much the same ever since. 

There are beds there and my friend tried to stay there once, but gave up, apparently because of bed bugs. I hope that issue's been resolved.... Check out this book for more of the scoop.

Even if you can't get to Paris, I hope wherever you are, you can take a few minutes in a big (preferrably leather) chair with a good book to help you coast from midweek to weekend. 

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