Monday, October 25, 2010

all is right with the world: i have a new costume drama

No matter who might tease me about my love, something about my life just feels incomplete when I'm not engrossed in a multi-episode costume drama. Luckily for me, I'm now in the land that invented the beautiful thing. Thanks to Sophie, I am addicted to the fabulous Downton Abbey

Another product of the amazing Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey starts just after the sinking of the Titanic. Hugh Bonneville (can you ever have enough? No.) is the father of three daughters (I'm wondering if they're taking this in the King Lear direction-- so far, with the daughters, it seems a possibility) and married to a rich American whose fortune has now been grouped with the estate's total worth thanks to an estate entail set up in the previous generation. Which would have been fine as long as their eldest daughter had married her cousin and heir to the title and total of estate. But, alas, he and his father were aboard the Titanic. 

So now the lot is set to pass to a total stranger upon dear Hugh Bonnville (Lord Grantham's) death. Odd loyalty pairings ensure. There's the whole upstairs/downstairs aspect. With wonderful turns from Maggie Smith (Already a delight in only the first episode) and Elizabeth McGovern (Still haunting my dreams from her childhood turn in the spookiest ever Shelly Duvall Faerie Tale Theatre's Snow White) it didn't take long for me to  start completely procrastinating on my life duties in order immerse myself. 

I don't know if you can stream iTV in the states, but if you can, you must. And if you can't, switch to UK itunes and download this sucker!

I mean, can we just talk about the melodrama that is the choir children version of "Every Breath You Take?"


  1. You can't stream it in the States, and you can't switch to iTunes UK without actually BEING in the UK. The only solution to this problem is for me to MOVE TO THE UK.


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