Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Cultural Catch-Up at Cookshop

The amazing Schu (and Steven too!) was good enough to treat me  to some NYMag Critic's Pick, Cookshop, last night. This little spot on 20th and 10th is truly delicious. Everything was delicious. Everything. Even the martini our waitress spilled all over Schumann and the table and my arm (which is how I tasted.)

My cocktail was also delicious. A rhubarb margarita. Apparently, says Schu, (and you know, he's always up on these things) rhubarb is the new "it" ingredient. (Or the First Food of Spring.) So I was happy to join the ranks of with-it New Yorkers again-- even if only for the short time it took to consume one cocktail. 

I had probably the least expensive thing on the menu: a ramps pizza (ramps, apparently being the other fashionable food item due to their short freshness window, says Schu. How does he learn this information?) that definitely took the prize for best bang for your buck. For just a couple of ingredients, it was the perfect size and totally inhaleable. Personally, I was a fan of Schu's Porkchop. But at the end of the evening, we agreed that the winner of the entrees was Steven's scallops. Despite the relatively small portion size, these babies just lemted in your mouth and were flavored in the same subtle, melts-away fashion. Delish. 

Add to the food, some of the sharpest pop-cultural minds in the business today, and it made for a first rate evening. Basically, no one delivers cultural commentary like Schu. And turns out, the combination of that one and Steven Jamail might just be lethal. Watch out, New York City.

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