Monday, April 9, 2012

Scenes from Paradise - The Wynn Las Vegas

McC and I have a special knack for excellent decision making. One of the things I love about hanging out with my pal of ten years is that we find a way to congratulate ourselves and be enthusiastic about even the simplest decisions. (This philosophy is kind of parallel to the ground-breaking epiphany I had when I was about fifteen that the key to having a good birthday is simply to go around joyously reminding yourself and everyone around you that... it's your birthday! Turns out, most people like having a reason to celebrate. Anything. Anything at all. The joy is contagious. Promise.)

So thanks to old pal Flintie, Sara and I got walked in to the Wynn pools on Saturday and spent a lovely five hours or so lounging, laughing, and making excellent decisions about sunscreen application, reading materials, storytelling, drink ordering and meal splitting. (Throw back: hey, do you want to split my twix??) God, we're good. 

While I take the UK hands down on a lot of topics, on the topic of sunshine, I will always feel a twinge of longing for my West Coast, USA origins. I mean, not everyday, because then it's not special. But man, I could use a little more sunshine. The March we had in London this year would do just fine. But I feel like I've been spoiled and that it surely can't last. 

And of course, our perfect, still (meaning: windless. Super rare for Vegas Spring.) sunshiney day had to come to a close too. But it will ge written down in the annals of the amazing McC/Ferg Friendship Chronicles. 

If you're ever in Vegas, I highly recommend greasing your way into that pool. Or at least taking a stroll through the Wynn with all it's Alice in Wonderland topiaries and waterwall-feature cocktail experiences. Despite its vibrant decor scheme (designed especially for Vegas Uber-Mogul Steve Wynn's long-serving and loyal wife Elaine-- who he very shortly thereafter divorced... ???.....[Rather ironic too then that the themes for the hotel are "Life imitating art" and "Imperfect Dream") I still find the Wynn one of the chic-est spots in Vegas. 

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