Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Change of World - Adrienne Rich

With everything going on lately, I forgot to talk about the loss of amazing poet and feminist essayist, Adrienne Rich. I can scarcely think of any artist, let alone a female artist who stuck to her guns the way Adrienne Rich did. Sometimes, in the quest for readers, the quest for success, it's easy to feel like you have no boundaries. That you'd accept any recognition. But not Adrienne. She turned down more National honors and Awards than most people could ever hope to be considered for in a life time. 

We circle silently about the wreck
we dive into the hold. ...
We are, I am, you are
by cowardice or courage
the one who find our way
back to the scene
carrying a knife, a camera
a book of myths
in which
our names do not appear.

There are certainly costs to sticking to your principles, but Adrienne was always asking us to consider the cost of not doing so. Dive into the Wreck, indeed, Adrienne. You'll be missed. Today, I fly. See you on the other side of the world.

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