Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Titanium

Wow, I love today. It's days like this that make me wonder why I ever left NYC. I mean, I know why, but it sure is great to be able to soak up everything I love about the city I love the most. Perhaps I should enumerate.

1. The sun is shining
2. But it's not too hot
3. Iced Coffee. It exists here. 
4. I talked about writing all morning with an amazing friend
5. I saw my old co-workers, the people who essentially named this blog. The only people who call me Fergie. 
6. Hope looms large on the paid writing/employment landscape
7. MOST importantly: tonight will be a massive musical celebration. Pretty much everyone who gave me and Steven a start in this business will be there. Not to mention, the people who sustained us and inspired us in the fat times and the lean times (of which, there have been many.) 

It's kind of amazing to hear songs that are technically new-- in that, no one besides me and Steven have ever heard them-- but that are two years old, or even just a few months old. They always seem channeled from another part of myself. Or another world entirely. 

I'll tell you why that's a comfort. I'm a bit of a control freak. I like things a certain way. I get hung up on people being a certain way. I'm easily disappointed. In other people. In myself. In my work. But if you stay attached to that stuff, you'll spend most of your life being disappointed. 

If you let it go-- and know that pretty much everything is just being transmitted, that we're just conduits-- then you're pretty much invincible. Which is the best feeling in the world. And that's why this is song for today. See you guys at Lincoln Center for some good singin'. 6PM. 65th & Amsterdam. Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library. 

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