Friday, April 27, 2012

The Academia K-Hole Friday Links

This is the little girl who lives in my soul. 

Ummmm... I got nothin you guys. I am beat. I've been spewing ideas all week long. I'm out. I was ALL up in the internet while I toiled though. You're welcome. My academic spinning into butter is your fatty feast. 

- Who are these women who don't like Ryan Gosling? I don't get it. But while I disagree, some of these are funny. I like, "He looks like a ferret with better abs."
- This should not be happening. I love how they keep trying to hide Uma Thurman's pregnancy. 
- Did you read my SMASH recap this week?
- Do you watch Once Upon a Time? It's so bad! I love it! Guilty pleasure. Watch this. Ana Gasteyer's impression of Lana Parilla is spot on. (PS- I love that they call Ellis a Shakespearean trained actor. Ahahahahhaahha. Ahahahahha.)
- I really want some bright art for my gallery wall. Perhaps one of these by Michelle Armas?
- The difference between competition and capitalism. Interesting. Even for David Brooks. 
- No, really. Thanks for doubling the interest rates on my student loans, Congress. Aw, PELL NO!
- This. puppy!
- This poem by my advisor about the day Etta James died
- For realz. How does Vulture just keep asking the important questions?

And my friends were making headlines all over the place. 
- Member o' my favorite family, the Ramsays, all up in the Guardian
- My friend wrote this about the crushalicious Pat Kiernan
- My ol' pal from Rice, Philip Humber, delivers Letterman's Top 10 after pitching the 21st perfect game in MLB history. "I sure am glad I drafted myself for my fantasy team."
- I'm going to wait a little longer into the Season to talk about Man Men. But this. And friends, let's have a convo in person. 

Here's my POTUS with the Mostest:

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