Friday, April 13, 2012

Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City Links

Ugh. I love being back here. I love sitting on patios and having lunch, I love day drinking, I love talking about theatre all the time.  I love walking amongst the crazies. 45th Street was a gold mine of delight this morning as we strolled the dogs with our coffee. There was the three legged chihuahua and the theatre queens proclaiming that "Um... Estelle win a Tony," and of course the step-limp druggies. This bitch is a beautiful city. 

I'm sitting in Steven's living room right now listening to a very talented friend, the secret recipient of every Smash Recap I write, sing all the parts from Annie, the first musical I every truly loved. I used to to watch and sing it with my Grandma. It's easy to remember everything you ever liked about being yourself when you lock in on something that crucial to the original kernal of who you were going to become. 

Peep this. 
- Ugh. Student debt. Thanks, guys
- Yeah, why are so many Americans single?
- In cased you miss this Ashley Judd piece, it's right on point
- Awesome feature on the show I most want to see while in NYC, Peter & the Starcatchers
- The peach champagne sapphire is my new favorite thing
- As someone who writes television recaps, I enjoyed this defense of television recaps. 
- SNL & their recently hip taste in music

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  1. Okay, I'm just jealous of your life. My two favourite cities...ugh.

    But...I just met Aileen Quinn (speaking of Annie) and might do an indie with her. So...I guess my life's not *too* bad, either.


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