Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unicorn Plan-It Season Two!

For a straight girl, I sure am drawn to lesbians in the arts! I'm not just talking about Susan Sontag, Adrienne Rich and the Indigo Girls, here, though... duh.... No, I'd say, in general most of my lesbian friends just happen to know what they're talking about more than anyone else. So I listen. 

Especially when it's Haviland! Me and the Hav-ster go way way back and while there are many amazing things about her, one of the top two things about her is how she's always working on a project. Girlfriend is always on the go. So now, she and badass collaborators Ashley Reed and Sarah Croce are back with a follow up season of their ultra-popular webseries, Unicorn Plan-it.

The show follows the office and out of office shenanigans of a lesbian event planning company and it's as wacky and hilarious as the set up sounds. For example, Haviland plays a new-age healer named Harmony. 'Nuff said. Girlfriend is raising that awareness, ya'll. 

She's also raising money for da show. So check 'em out! I'm off to spend the last day of my 20s relaxing in the sun and trying to kick a wicked case of jetlag. 

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