Saturday, April 28, 2012

London On The Brain

Everyone has been sending me London stuff lately. Perhaps as a reminder to be where I am right now. I'm definitely ready for a hard-hitting London Summer. Though, I suppose I wish it felt less like the days leading up to the great flood and Noah's Arc up in here. London is on everyone's mind these days it seems. From some of my favorite writers, like AL Kennedy-- talking about London Theatre no less, to some of my favorite blogs, to McC. (Well, London is pretty much always on her mind.) Sometimes you need a little pair of reading glasses to help you see all city's poetry. Of place names and street signs and cocktail ingredients. Queen of Hoxton. Bootstrap. Forty Winks

Some of these places I've already been. Some might be good. Some might be tedious. But I've decided to dive in. First up, the Dalston neighborhood Rooftop Park & Art space. As soon as it stops raining, you can find me there. 

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