Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Get Wired! It's the London Coffee Festival!

So I'm not even kidding-- WHO is coming to this with me? Not that I have time or money, but coffee is one serious life priority for me. (Side note: do they have this in New York? If so, why did I not know about it?? And if not, WHY NOT!?)

I'm currently living life and a pretty high caffeine octane, and even though I'm super hoping to be past most of these deadlines by this weekend, I see no reason to come down off my caffeine high. Let's get some lattes! (and espresso martinis.)

The cool thing about the festival is that portions of all the ticket sales and coffee profits are going to Project Waterfall-- a clean water charity benefitting Tanzania.  

It's all part of a larger Second Annual UK Coffee Week, which has been going on since Monday in an effort to raise money for clean water in African coffee producing countries. Last year, they raised over £100,000 from customers at over 2700 cafes donating 5p to the cost of their coffee.

So if you're a friend or reader elsewhere in this beautiful United Kingdom, you too can participate! Cousin Matthew (aka Dan Stevens) of Downton Abbey fame gives his approval. What else is there to consider?

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