Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mentors & Inspiration

I have so much to say about how awesome last night was. But I'm already late for leaving for the airport. So for now, let me say that when I was being interviewed, I was asked about who my mentors are and the music that inspires me. Incidentally, my answer was this guy. While I was showing me and Steven's music in NYC, he was in my hometown performing at the Smith Center with Suzanne Vega. Who went?

And here he is talking about the song that changed his life. Pay it forward ya'll. Back to rainy London town. 

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  1. Ferg, we went to the show and he was stellar. As always. Sadly, it was more a Suzanne Vega show, and she is fine, but I wish Duncan could have just played for the whole 90 minutes. He played some of his new stuff that isn't out that I can see anywhere. Great stuff.

    Congrats to you on your show at the Lincoln Center. Good stuff, Mellow.


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