Friday, April 6, 2012

New Decade Friday Links

It's a beautiful spring and I'm 30. I'm off to catch some rays before we kick the weekend of celebrating off right with a country hoedown and my dad's band playing with Sam Riddle

- Anthropologie has a new magazine. Ooh. 
- Lindy West delivers laughs on the Titanic Re-Release. (Em & I are seeing it anyhow)
- Is it wrong that the cutest Spring coat I've seen in years is this green maternity coat?
- How did it take a trip to States for me to learn the Guardian was $50 million in the hole?
- Someone key is going to die in Season 3 of Downton?!? NO. Just say it isn't Maggie.
- Can the brain fall in love?
- Some nice stationary up in here.
- More on Fat Betty Draper
- This makes me laugh
- I was right. 
- FINALLY a link that should work in the UK: Real Housewives of Disney. Bam. 
- McC comes today! McC comes today! I don't have a link for that, exactly, but she's coming and we're going to hit the town. Woo!

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