Monday, December 12, 2011

Borders Weekend

After a weekend of buses, trains, and even more buses, it feels nice to have this (albeit short) respite in my cozy room. Then it's off again tomorrow morning for the US of A. From one of the funnest London house parties and a late late night, I took an early morning train to Carlisle. The rather unfriendly folks in Carlisle didn't help much with me catching the bus to Selkirk, but I made it eventually. 

The most wonderful Sandy invited us all for a feast and walk-about at his lovely cottage. Sandy lives on the Philiphaugh estate and his cottage sits next to beautiful strawberry greenhouses. There were warm fires and fuzzy socks and plum gins and beautiful table settings and slumbers with great friends. I had never tried hare before, and now I can say that I have. Just checking off those game meats. And Anna's Guinness cake with orange icing was so delicious it may or may not have also been my breakfast the next morning in addition to pudding the night before. 

The next day, we read by the fire and went on a walk, where we had a run-in with some sassy cows and warmed up in the famous Tibbie Shiels pub before heading back to Edinburgh via car (mercifully.) Thank you, Sandy, for the warmest hospitality!

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