Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve Links

Being around all my friends' adorable kids is pretty much the best Christmas time present I could imagine. (And thanks to my new lens-- it's so pretty!-- I can photograph the living daylights out of them without needing actual daylight!) The side bonus is that I also see these kids' parents & the rest of the folks I've been pal-ing around with for the past 20 ish years. It's a brilliant, warm feeling to be around the people you never have to explain anything to. It's my favorite part of the holidays. Class of 2000 annual Christmas reunion, Commence. 

But if you're bored, waiting for your own holiday reunion to commence (so much down time around the holidays. Sigh.) here are some links for you. 

- The really overwhelmingly nice article about Steven & I in Rice Magazine. We're page 47-48.
- World's Weirdest Hotels
- a thought-provoking article about ideas of modesty
- last minute Christmas List update: subscription to Upper Case Magazine
- this Art Heist thing is pretty sweet. I love stuff like this.
- I'm into clever ideas
- Beautiful photos, travelling on the Orient Express

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