Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your first look at our Houston Production

Wish you could have seen VOTE! in Houston? If so, here's your first look at a taste of what our audiences got. I filmed these during our final tech, the night before we had our first audience. It was cool, too, because it was also the first time I had even seen these numbers. I'm going to blame this fact for my maniacal laughing at the end of "Ambition" when I almost dropped the camera. 

All I ever wanted for that number was a nerd army emerging from lockers...and boy did I ever get it. And I don't really have words for "Hands of a Surgeon." Federal Reserve Solid Gold Dancers? Yes, please. Ms. Fowler is the reason why I was voted Teacher's Pet, class of 2000 Green Valley High School. And it warmed my little suck-up heart to show Ms. Fowler this number the last time I dropped in on her at good old GVHS. 

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