Thursday, December 8, 2011

All in the Family- Gentleman South

I'm not the only blogger/writer in my family. No, I don't mean Tennessee Williams. Or even Lindsey, who occasionally makes the foray out into the cosmos. Nope. Probably the least likely candidate I can think of now is pumping the internet full of insight and-- above all-- good taste. 

Check out my cousin's new blog about all things great and Southern. (Don't worry-- not all the products are just for dudes, I mean, gentlemen.) Hil has always had very particular taste. (I can assure you.) So you can trust that everything he picks out will be of the highest standard.

Those not living down South, don't fret! While a lot the posts are about great Southern restaurants and shops, many things are products made in the South, but totally shippable to YOU wherever you are. (Okay, maybe not the UK, but ya never know.) So click over and show the Ferguson/Harpers some traffic love. 

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