Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Belated Links

With all the commotion last week, I had no time to comb the internet for cool shit to pass along. The universe made up for this by slamming me the past two days with internet awesomeness. I give them to you now:

- Rice girls ranked smartest. Boom.
- Edinburgh has a library phantom. He leaves really cool presents.
- Don Draper's NYC.
- Obama sticks it to evil insurance companies. Boom. 
- These Anthro coasters are rad. But are they 32 bucks each rad?
- This is my new fave eye-candy blog. 
- Turn your instagrams into magnets on stickygram. Woo, instagram!
- Yeah, I find the "women as crazy" cop out pretty effing tedious too, Yashir Ali. 
- I'm going to London this week! In London's honor, I'm reminding you of this gem
- I love NY Mag's Best of the year. Here's theatre. It pains me that I missed most of these. 
- It's no secret that I really don't like critics. Except Sasha Frere-Jones! Here's his best of Brit singers 2011 from the New Yorker. I have lots more to say about my man Sasha, but I'll save that for another time. 


  1. Great links today. I finished my last Don Draper...I want him BACK! Great article on gaslighting so true. Super great eyecandy blog, I bookmarked. Have fun in Londontown

  2. glad you liked, Miss Dena!! Ugh, I miss Mad Men too. Wish it wasn't going to be zonks until it came back :(


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