Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wire as Nexus for Actors, or why Grantland is growing on me

A part of me thought I'd just never forgive Grantland for poaching my dearest Molly Lambert away from This Recording. (I mean, both that website and her writing haven't been as good my opinion.) But a combination of astute Homeland coverage (I don't have a top list of television for the year. It would basically consist of Homeland, Downton & Portlandia [put a bird on it!].) and then now THIS! is making me reconsider. An amazing analysis and diagram of the HBO recycling program...something I've been banging on about for AGES! Bless you, Grantland. Bless you, Bill Simmons (Now give me some Molly Lambert back. No more of this "Johnny Depp and the Too-Close Co-Star.")

Minday Kaling talks about her perfect level of fame in her book (so that you can never be convicted of first degree murder) but mine would be the kind described by the wonderful Andy Greenwald in this article, an "NPR-ish level of quasi celebrity that can get you mobbed on Hudson Street or a guest spot on Parenthood. " Yes. 

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